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We create professional websites and Blogs for individuals, Organisation, SMEs, CEOs, Schools, etc.

Tell us your budget for the website/ Blog… and we’ll create it for you.

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JohnnyBility Web
Own your Blog or Website Today!




(1) Subdomain blogs/websites.  (it will cost you #10,000 only.) No yearly payment, free for life


(2) Semi-free Blog/website with domain name ( eg www.jobs.com)
This will cost you #16,000 only, with a yearly payment of #5,000 for the domain name.


(3)   Blog/ website with Domain name and Host plan.
Eg. www.johnnybility.com with security,  etc.
This will cost you #35,000 with a yearly payment of 18,000.
We also sale Free Blogs.


(4) The unlimited plan. ( For Big Companies/ Individuals) everything about this Website is Unlimited. Eg www.thenewsguru.com, www.naij.com, www.uber.com, www.entrepreneur.com, etc  
It will cost you #130,000 Only.



 Call/WhatsApp us at 07032330424
Or visit www.johnnybility.com, Email: johnnybility @gmail.com.


You can also visit our office at AJ  ( the 3rd shop after AJ shop), Lagos state university,
LASU, Lagos Nigeria.


What type of blog or website should I start?


Now you have to think what type of blog should you have to start if you are looking for something which is easy for you then I have to tell you one thing, if you do what is easy your life will be hard if you do what is hard your life will be easy that’s true but beware Do what you love to do.

What you mostly do in your regular life what’s make you excited what is very joyful to you and in which topic do you interested in if you good at writing , designing or you like to share stuff which is favorable then its easy for you to start your blog 

  • DIY blogs / websites
  • Tutorial blogs/websites
  • Entertainment blogs / websites
  • News blogs/ websites
  • Product blogs/ websites
  • Inspirational blogs/ websites
  • etc…


DIY blogs/ websites


DIY (do-it-yourself) blogging is one of the influential and innovative, its beloved for home decor ideas & that’s caught most of the people on the internet. If you have some skills to showcase then it’s very valuable for you. 

Tutorial blogs/ websites

These are similar to DIY blogs. Blogs that offering a helpful solution & step by step guide is more often to get traffic to their blog. If you have some kind of skills in, designing, home decor, computer, mobile, etc.. Then it is also very valuable for you.

Entertainment blogs/ websites

It’s also known as pop culture & humor blogs. If you can make people laugh and entertain with your voice or articles then its remarkable choice for you, but if you select this for your category then you are in competition with sites like Buzzfeed, Reddit, OHMYGOSSIP etc.

News blogs/ websites

Also known as current event blogs. If you can perpetuate with the news and can comment on current news, controversial topics, then you should designate this as a blog. These blogs are considerable because they are relevant to the user. Keep in mind, it’s hard to hang out on the top of the social media. 

Product blogs/ websites

Product Blogs essentially use for business marketing.If you are an author and you want to sell books online or either you are am an artist, photographer and wants to highlight your service on the internet, or you are promoting someone else product and willing to get paid with selling a product, then it is better decision to make a product blog. 

Inspirational blogs/ websites

These type blogs inspire people and motivate them to do exceptional and live life in a better way, it easily gains popularity because the peoples who read it feeling more conscious.its up to you if you are able to write great articles for motivation and wants to share your thought with people to make them alive than its time step in there.

Call/WhatsApp us at 07032330424


Email: johnnybility @gmail.com.

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